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Skilling activities by Magic Bus

Magic Bus works with children and young people in India taking them on a journey from Childhood to Livelihood and out of poverty.

By enabling children and young people to complete secondary education, delay their age at marriage, and attain the skills needed for a stable job, Magic Bus helps to break the cycle of poverty for them and their future generations.

Magic Bus has two branches in Kurnool city. Here training programs for Men and Women in various sectors are given free of cost. Training in basic English, communication skills, and Computer skills are being provided. 

Addresses of these-

1. Bhupal complex,4th floor, Park Rd Circle, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh 518001. Contact- Mr. Bhagya Raj- 9441919162 

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Training centers in the district.

To provide skilling, to promote employment and entrepreneurship in the district, several training centers were set up and are being run. The list of training centers in the district are- No Department (Which oversees the training center Name of the training center Address Training 1 DRDA-SEEDAP SEEDAP Retail Training center TTDC  Building , B.Thandrapadu  village, Near  Kurnool . Retail sector (Job sector- Working in Supermarkets, Jewellery stores, etc. ) 2 DRDA-SEEDAP SEEDAP Retail Training center YWCS Building, Weavers colony, Yemmiganur . Retail sector (Job sector- Working in Supermarkets, Jewellery stores, etc. ) 3 DRDA-SEEDAP K K Educational a nd Rural Development Society Near Nannur Toll gate, Nannur village, Kurnool. Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Electronic Appliances , Solar technician     4 DRDA-SEEDAP La Mclean India   pvt Ltd   Seetharam nagar, Kurnool Broadband Technician + Telecom Network Security Technician , Web Developer + Management Trainee. 5 DRDA-SEEDAP Ce leb

Job drives & Skilling activities by SEEDAP.

Society for Employment Generation and Enterprise Development in AP) is one of the largest skilling organizations in the country and the Nodal Agency for implementing the various Central and State Government skilling programs to facilitate the settlement of youth in Wage Employment, Self-Employment, and Entrepreneurship.                  This agency conducts Job Melas (drives) on regular basis at different places in the district. Also, Different training centers are run under this agency.         Jobs District Manager (JDM) is the highest authority in the district under this agency. JDM reports directly to the Project Director DRDA (District Rural Development Authority). Kurnool JDM is Mr. P N C Kiran., Contact details-  7013888391.  Under JDM there exists Placement officers, who are responsible for organising Job melas. 1. Mr. Bala Krishna-9295355950 2. Mr. Ansar- 9705171923 3. Mr. Krishna- 9059779702

Skilling activities by RSETI

RSETI stands for Rural Self Employment Training Institute. In every district, the lead bank will operate these Rural Self Employment Training Institutes. In the Kurnool district, it is being run by the Canara bank.   Training offered- 1. Tailoring 2. Jute bag making 3. Fancy ornaments making. 4. CCTV installation   Men and Women will be given training. Different training programs at different times.   For information on training, contact Mr. B. Siva Prasad - 6304491236   Address- RSETI building, 2nd floor of Canara bank, Near Kallu MRO Office, Kurnool.

Job drives & Skilling activities by APPSDC

  The Govt. of AP has formed seven different Missions to achieve double-digit growth for the state and to make AP among the most developed state in the country. Among these, the Knowledge and Skills Mission has been formed to provide trained and skilled manpower to all other Missions. To bring faster execution, the State Government of Andhra Pradesh has established The Department of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (DSDEI) has been further created to coordinate and synergize the skilling efforts of all departments. Under which APSSDC is formed.   APSSDC stands for Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation. At the district level, its major activities are conducting skill development programs and organising Job drives.      At the district level, District the Development Skill development officer (DSDO) is the highest authority who is responsible for the above-said said activities. Office Address- APSSDC Office, Rayalaseema University, Tantrapadu, Kurnool.   Co

Interview tips for candidates who intend to attend Job Melas (Drives)-

Interview tips for candidates who intend to attend Job Melas (Drives)-   1. Attend the Job Drives in formal dresses and formal shoes only. 2. The list of companies that are participating in the Job drive will be mentioned 3-5 days in advance; thus, candidates can do basic background work about the companies they want to apply for. Know what they do, What is the job role before going to the interview. 3. Bring your Resume, Aadhaar, and Xerox certificates along with work experience certificates (If any). 4. Be on time on the day of the Job drive. 5. Improve your English communication skills as that could help in interviews.  For more Interview tips watch this video-